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부천필하모닉오케스트라 사진
Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra

Since its foundation in 1988, the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra has continuously taken up new challenges, capturing the public’s attention. Thanks to its great performances and wide-ranging repertoire, the Orchestra has grown to become one of Korea’s world-class orchestras.

Soon after its foundation, the Orchestra presented premieres of works by 20th century composers Schonberg and Bartok, and successfully performed a complete symphony series of Brahms and Beethoven, creating quite sensation among Korean concert audiences. The Orchestra was invited to represent Korea at the 1st Asia Orchestra Week held in Japan in 2002. It staged Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, receiving remarkably favorable reviews from Japanese music audiences and the press. The orchestra also amazed Japanese audiences again at the Kawasaki Concert Hall when it was invited by Kawasaki in 2006. Futhermore, the orchestra performed at Smetana Hall in Prague, Hercules Hall in Munich and Musikverein Goldener Saal in Vienna of Europe. In those the birthplace of classical music, they proved its excellence and built its reputation by receiving great commendations by local press and drew big applause from the audiences.

The Orchestra is also well known for its performances of the complete symphonies of Mahler. The Mahler Series, which lasted from 1999 to 2003, is considered a milestone in the history of Korean classical music and marked the start of a “Mahler Fever”in Korea. The untiring efforts of the Orchestra have been highly recognized in the Korean arts scene and won it the Hoam Prize in Art, often called Korea’s Nobel Prize, in 2005, becoming the first musical organization to do so and strengthening the orchestra’s position as the best orchestra in the nation.

Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra is headed for a new future along with YoungMin Park who has lead Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra since 2015. While presenting a more evolved sound through its colorful and rich repertoire with its director YoungMin Park who has been spotlighted not only in Korea but also in Europe and Asia, Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra became the only Korean orchestra to receive an official invitation to <La Folle Journëe Festival> which is the world’s largest music festival in 2016 and won enormous praise from the audience after demonstrating the world-class performance in Kanazawa, Japan.

The Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra, dreaming to take another leap in its history with its permanent conductor Young-min Park, has delivered impressive moments to citizens through wonderful performances including the <Best Classic Series> which comprises masterpieces in classical music, the <Mahler Series> which can reapproved the capability of Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra, the <BPO opera> which performed refined opera pieces in Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra’s style, and the <R. Strauss Series> which explores the works of Richard Strauss who is one of the masters of the modern German music, the <Feast of Wagner> which has been presenting Wagner’s works in each year. In addition, Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra has been continuously delivering the impressive classical music into the life of the citizens of

Bucheon and music lovers through various programs such as <Concerto vs Concerto>, <Lecture Concert>, <Concert for the Youth>, <Concert for Family>, <Morning Classic Concert>, <Concert for Children> that it prepared to quench musical thirst of various types of audience alongside the <Visiting Concert> to communicate with the citizens of Bucheon more closely.

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